MEMC Mining Company Limited –Yemen

Having mining concessions and licenses for exploration, mining
and trading of Iron, Copper, Gold, Zinc, Lead, Silver, Gypsum and Zeolite. Jabal Humar Area Juban.
We are having exploration license from the Ministry of Oil and Minerals of the Republic of Yemen, represented by the Geological Survey and mineral resources board to explore for iron and associated elements in the Jabal Humar Ares Juban

The Juban gabbroic intrusion, apparently intruding the tertiary volcanic and sediments rather than having been associated with the high percentage of iron ore and Titanium. The concession area is located about 183 km southeast of Sanaa city. 43 km south of Rada town and 205 km to Aden sea Port in the Arabian Sea. At Juban area, the iron-mineralized intrusion has a minimum length of 2500 meters and a minimum width of about 2500 meters with average thickness of 100 meters. The iron-titanium ore resources estimated on the basis of the surface ore
intrusion is more than 204 billion tons. Further study of these rocks should shed additional light on the processes of
magmatic evolution and the formation of massive FE-Ti-V oxide deposits.